Issé (eee-sae-not the proper way to write it out but hopefully easier for you to enunciate) is a catering company that mainly produces food inspired by the traditional flavors and culture of South Korea, sealed it with an Issé twist.  We are a catering delivery service that deliver Korean meals to your door step on a weekly basis in the Los Angeles and Orange county areas  (see 'how it works' and 'shop' tab for more info).

Chef Andrew Do creates Korean dishes with traditional flavors and applies modern techniques to give you an Issé experience.

Issé is a slang term in Korean that refers to second generations.  It is often used to describe Korean-Americans, like us,  who have assimilated to the American culture.  We love to eat Korean food and we love the drinking culture associated with the food.  Through Issé, we provide food and experiences  we love so much.